Hotel Grand Continental Kedah sits in the very heart of Alor Star, the CBD and capital of Kedah. Most major banks, financial institutions, governments’ offices, political parties HQ and corporate addresses surround its prime location. And its ideal positioning is a preferred choice amongst  Meeting Planners, Government, Corporate and Business Executives as well as Leisure Travellers.

Just a stone throw from the Hotel lies Pekan Rabu, long a haven for shoppers drawn by its quaint atmosphere – a bustling traditional bazaar that no visitor will miss. A very short drive around town will also take you to discover some of the treasures of Alor Star. One can visit the various Museums; collect crystals at Gunung Kerian; learn about padi fields and the production of rice; discover the birthplace of our PM Mahathir and his youthful days. Or, climb our very own Alor Setar Tower, Alor Star indeed has lots to offer in its 268 year-old history!

The Hotel is within 10 km from both highways entry points and 15 km from the Sultan Halim Airport. It is also easily accessible to Penang and Southern Thailand and to the port of Kuala Kedah – gateway to legendary Langkawi Islands.

Your journey and the discovery of the North begin here…


Lot 134-141,
Jalan Sultan Badlishah,
05000 Alor Setar,
Kedah Darul Aman,

Tel: (604) 733 5917
Fax: (604) 733 5161

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